Participants must be:

Over 18 years old,


not suffering from any kind of heart or lungs condition.

Price includes:

Lunch, the fare from Zabljak, insurance, equipment, guide, and a CD containing photos.


08:30 Departure from Zabljak

09:00 In front of the canyon

09:15 Briefing

09:30 Entering the canyon

13:30 Exiting the canyon

14:30 lunch

17:00 Return to Zabljak

Nevidio canyon is a part of Little Komarnica which springs in the foot of the south part of Durmitor mountain, in Dobri Dol. Sinking, it passes between Boljske Grede (2091m altitude) and Lojanik (2091m altitude), only to reappear in the peaceful river valley as a calm river.

Nevidio canyon, or Nevidjbog, as the locals call it, starts at the very end of the valley. It rightfully carries this name, because Komarnica suddenly disappears in the strangely carved entrance and becomes invisible to the human eye.

The surroundings of the entrance are one of the most astounding ones in all of area of Durmitor. The village Poscenje with its two glacier lakes and the periodical waterfall Skakvica, which pours the water of the Grabovica from a cliff 70 meters high, constitute the beauty of this region.

Remote and hidden in unreachable field, it provoked attention and curiosity, but there were few organized attempts to explore and get to know it. First serious attempts, which were unsuccessful, occurred in 1957 and 1964. Curious and strange stories started about the last inaccessible canyon in Europe. But things have changed in August 1965, when the members of P. S. D. Javorak form Niksic, even though they were poorly equipped, passed through the canyon and were the first ones to present to the world this long-hidden, astounding beauty.

First encounter with Nevidio will dazzle you with its indescribable beauty, fabulous and strange, the kind that man is not used to. The biggest part of the canyon is in eternal shadow. Sunlight cannot reach the bottom because of the steep cliffs. On these sheer and hardly reachable rocks the conditions for vegetation are harsh, so one can say that the canyon is a pearl of the cruel nature, heaven as well as hell. On certain spots, the width of the canyon is merely one meter. Some parts of the canyon can be reached only with rock-climbing equipment.

Today, Nevidio canyon has found its place in travel-guides as a unique tourist attraction. Implausible beauty of gorges, cascades and foamy falls in the Nevidio canyon is reason enough to visit this pearl of Montenegro. However, even though it does not require any special physical capability, the passage through the canyon is not advised without the assistance of a guide.

Special offer

Situated in an area of untouched nature at the bottom of everlasting mountain of Durmitor surrounded by fascinating beauties whic are depicted in 18 clear mountain lakes. For a perfect vacation both in winter and summer time.... because every season has its own unusual and unique charms...