This is one-day arrangement which takes time from June to October. The tour is taken with jeeps, and the starting point is in Zabljak, in the morning hours. First we go toward ski center Stuoc from where the Black Lake can be seen, shining like a pearl on the palm. Also, the tour includes visiting one of the highest situated villages on the Balkans. Further on, with our jeeps, we are reaching the height of 2000m above the sea level, and then descending to canyon Susica where there is Sucica lake and Susica hut (  the hut for tourists ), and at this place breakfast will be organized. After breakfast we continue toward Nedajno village, and then go over the Piva mountain, Piva plateau, and coming to Trsa village. In that way we make a round tour around Dormitor during which we also pass Valovito, Modro and Poscensko lake and will have a chance to see the famous Durmitor rock called Prutas and also Bobotov kuk, which is the highest peak on Durmitor. Afterwards, crossing Sedlo we come to Jezera plateau and then go to the ski center Savin kuk.

Special offer

Situated in an area of untouched nature at the bottom of everlasting mountain of Durmitor surrounded by fascinating beauties whic are depicted in 18 clear mountain lakes. For a perfect vacation both in winter and summer time.... because every season has its own unusual and unique charms...